Technical sessions are back!


Extra Technical Sessions are back at HCSC! 

Starting Friday July 19th, we will be regularly holding private technical sessions available for both HCSC Boys and Girls players from U11 Skills Centre players to U15!

Boys sessions will take place at the SMU turf on Fridays from 5:00pm—6:00pm.

Girls sessions will be taking place at the SMU turf from 6:00pm—7:00pm

Players MUST secure their spot at the latest, by the Wednesday before the Friday session



Securing your spot

How can I take part?


As always, there will be a session cap. To secure your spot, you must email either to secure your spot for the boys session, or to secure your spot for the girls.

The fee will continue to be $10 a head per session, as it was in the Winter. This must be paid at the field in either cash, or cheque made out to Halifax CITY Soccer Club.

Technical Session Overview

Why we offer this program

We had great success with the additional program offered late this past Winter, with evident improvement in players attended. CITY is pleased to see our private offered technical sessions continue to grow. We appreciate that not all players have the ability to train and develop away from their team training, so we are excited to offer this extra opportunity.

HCSC Technical sessions are an extra hour long session, designed for player development. These sessions will be player focused, crafting individual skills by maximizing contact time on the ball. These sessions will be run individually by CITY’s own technical staff Marisa Colzie and Collin Swinney. Marisa will be heading the girls technical sessions, and Collin will be heading the boys. Each coach will develop their own session  to strengthen our players on the ball, both physically and tactically.