Anti Abuse Policy

Last Updated: 03/05/2019

PURPOSE: 'Halifax CITY Soccer Club is committed to the principles of equality, fairness, respect and tolerance among all persons regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or any other personal attribute.

APPLICATION: The policy is used to to create a safe environment for all individuals that are part of our soccer community and promotes relationships based on mutual respect, co-operation and understanding.


Halifax CITY Soccer Club is a strong supporter of making sport safe for everyone involved in youth sport. The Club enforces a zero tolerance policy as it relates to all forms of abuse: Verbal, Physical, Emotional, and Sexual.

This policy applies to:

1. All members of the Club Board of Directors;

2. All Club staff members;

3. All coaches;

4. All managers;

5. All players;

6. All parents/family members/guardians/caregivers;

7. All referees;

8. All volunteers.

All relationships within the Club context – whether involving members of the Board of Directors, Club staff, coaches/managers, volunteers, players, parents/family members, supporters or referees – must be based on mutual trust and respect. Any act of abuse is a betrayal of that trust.

The Club will investigate and act upon all complaints or reports of inappropriate behaviour or action.

This Policy attempts to respect diverse individual and cultural viewpoints while protecting individuals from real or perceived abuse.

Definitions of Abuse:

1. Verbal Abuse – Verbal abuse includes remarks that are rude or threatening in nature and that tend to demoralize or demean another person. Words that degrade another person constitute a form of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse includes racial or ethnic insults. All complaints of verbal abuse will be investigated by the Club and may be reported to police with the consent of the victim or, in the case of a minor, a parent.

2. Physical Abuse – Physical abuse refers to inappropriate behaviour or action such as punching, pushing, slapping, kicking, spitting or pinching another individual. All complaints of physical abuse will be investigated by the Club and may be reported to police with the consent of the victim or, in the case of a minor, a parent.

3. Emotional Abuse – Emotional abuse signifies the lack of sensitivity on the part of anyone associated with the Club towards another individual. In particular, Club officials (Board members, coaches, and managers) should be aware of the power that is inherent in such positions and strive for sensitivity in dealing with individuals in positions of supervision (players, Club staff, volunteers) and with parents. Emotional abuse includes racial, physical or ethnic insults. All complaints of emotional abuse will be investigated by the Club.

4. Sexual Abuse – Sexual abuse shall be defined as:

a) sexual intercourse or other forms of physical sexual relations between at least one individual associated with the Club and another person where the activity is not consensual;

b) any and all sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual relations with a minor

The Club will immediately report all complaints of sexual abuse to the police.

Halifax CITY Soccer Club's Board of Directors will respond quickly to any and all allegations of harassment within the organization. Any violation of this policy may involve a disciplinary hearing and/or action, including suspension or expulsion from Halifax CITY Soccer Club and related activities.