U10 Mini Progression

Going into the Winter and 2020 season, there are two options available for U10 Mini Players.

If you are born in 2010:You can either return to U10 Mini Program or register for the U10 skills centre program!

If you are born in 2009:You can continue your soccer player pathway to the u11 skills centreprogram!



We have an indoor Winter continuation of the mini program, which takes place over the weekends from November to March. The U10 mini program will have a session on both Saturday and Sunday, and will cost $285 for the Winter. This will be an option for 2010 born players in the Summer of 2020 as well as the coming Winter. This program will be 16 weeks long starting on November 9th, breaking for Christmas from the 21st—January 4th, and ending on March 8th.

Please make sure to register before October 31st

Players should ensure they wear shin pads for safety, as well as indoor gym shoes. Children will not be allowed to play wearing cleats on a gym floor, for safety issues. Full Mini Program information can be found HERE



The skills centre program is a quality program, as it gives young players an environment to develop both their skills and love for the game. Players will all be given the opportunity to play on a team in a league with skills centre teams from other clubs. Full skills centre information can be found HEREThe cost to this program is $495 plus the placement fee of $35, as a total registration fee of $530. There will be automated payment plans available as you register online. The placement fee is for the 4 extra training sessions in October used to determine the rosters for the skills centre teams. It is important to note that as long as a player has registered in time, no player will be cut from the skills centre program. They will be placed in a team that is best suited for their development and enjoyment of the game, as determined by the technical staff. This will include two training sessions a week happening Monday to Friday from November to March, with an exact end date determined by the league (NSSL). Generally, you will play one game a week, which is usually on the weekends. It may occur that some weeks you may play two games and some weeks you may not have a game, due to the League coordinator’s scheduling conflicts.