FIFA 20 E-Tournament

April 18th & 19th, 2020

FIFA 20 E-Tournament

Halifax City Soccer Club are hosting a provincial wide FIFA 20 E-Tournament for anyone looking for some footy and excitement whilst we get through the current pandemic. 

The club will be aiming to broadcast and commentate on select games throughout the weekend via an official Twitch account channel.

Two day tournament on April 18th & 19th, 2020.

April 7th: Swiss Style Format
April 8th: Playoffs Final 16 Elimination

Players are required to sign up with their Xbox gamertag & Twitch Profile ID  in preparation for the tournament. 

All registrations will be contacted before being accepted in the event to ensure each player can meet the requirements of participating. 

Kick-off of the Swiss Style Format will commence at 2pm on April 18th. 

All players will be required to check-in via this system Friday between 6pm-10pm. If a player is unable to check-in at the time listed, they will be removed from the tournament. 

Result of the game must be reported using this systems match lobby for us to update the system. Screenshot required if there is a dispute.

- Half Length: 6 mins
- Quick Subs: On
- Season: Any
- Time of Day: Any
- Weather: Clear
- Pitch Pattern: Default
- Pitch Wear: None
- Game Speed: Normal
- Ball: Default
- Golden Goal for games that are a draw after FT
- Head to Head (1v1) Club teams. (No FUT)
- All players must play the Game using the above game-play settings. 
- By entering this tournament, each participant consents to the posting and use of his or her name and/or photograph on clubs social media accounts and website page.